At we have various volunteering opportunities for persons aged 18 and over. The roles are described below. However, if you have other ideas about how you can contribute to, the coordination team is always willing to discuss this.

Volunteering roles within

Client Contact:

The volunteer needs to be at least 18 years old and fluent in both Maltese and English.

After applying, the volunteer will be invited for an informal interview. Volunteers engaged in this would be required to undergo a training course before starting work (40 hrs approx). After training is finished successfully, the volunteer, under supervision of a professional, can start to support clients by being an official professionally trained operator to support service users. Most of the work in client contact would be done from the office.

Article Writing:

Articles related to issues faced by young people today are frequently posted on the website. Volunteers interested in assisting in this area would be asked to suggest possible themes which could be explored in such articles, and produce this content to be posted on the Website. These articles are generally posted in both English and Maltese.

Proof-reading and/or Translation:

This volunteer would proofread and/or translate articles written by (generally translation is needed from English into Maltese). This work would be done from home, with correspondence carried out by email and Google Docs.

Marketing and Promotion Online:

This role involves helping in marketing and promoting the services online, mainly through different Social Media. The volunteer will be asked to assist in producing designs and posts, compiling social media statistics, creating website content, supporting in the writing of articles, and distribution with online newspapers

Marketing and Promotion Offline:

The volunteer in this role helps in marketing and promoting the services offline. This may vary from assisting in the producing and distribution of the hard-copy materials such as frames, posters, pull up banners, stickers and leaflets, contacting media entities such as radio stations, television stations, newspapers, schools, and youth groups for possible connections in introducing the service to youths and promotional opportunities. This volunteer may also assist in the production of media as necessary.


The volunteer would mainly assist in the running of the office. Compiling statistics, assisting other volunteers, support service coordinators, and partners. This role also involves supporting other areas within the Kellimni team, such as in Marketing and Promotion, writing articles, contacting entities and distributing promotional material, assisting in website content, and coordinating volunteer shifts.

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