team, also referred to as operators, are professionals and professionally trained  volunteers who all have experience of listening, talking to and supporting adolescents and  young people.

A operator is someone who:

  •  understands that it needs a lot of courage to talk, thus will listen to you
  •  is aware of the sorts of situations you might be troubled about
  • is genuine, open and friendly
  • won’t judge you or put you down
  • is not easily shocked
  • will let you take your time
  • you can trust
  • is support and professionally supervised to give you the best support needed

Our operators are also human beings, who have feelings and thus can understand you. They come from different walks of life, all of them have been young, have experienced different situations in their lives and have faced challenges as well. Thus they will never assume things, or be judgmental about your situation or how you may be feeling. They are people who care and are here for you.

Their primary focus is YOU. Since the support we are offering is aimed to you, our operators do not talk much about themselves or answer personal questions. They aim that after you get in touch with us, hopefully you would be feeling a bit better about your situation.