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At we have various volunteering opportunities for individuals aged 18 and over. Your main role would be of a operator. This job entails taking on several client chats we receive, under the supervision of one of our professionals. Prior to starting with us, you will undergo training (approx. 30 hours), and with the successful completion, you will be able to join our team. If you are interested kindly send us an email on and fill in the Volunteering Form.

Open Positions

Psychotherapist Consultant/Supervisor (Professional)

We are looking for a Psychotherapist Consultant/Supervisor to review chats with our professional staff and help us to improve the quality of service.

Interested applicants need to be warranted psychotherapists and qualified supervisors with valid indemnity insurance. 3 years of work experience are required.

Employment shall be on a casual basis for approx. 2-3 hours per 6 weeks.

Send your CV to

Psychologist/Psychotherapist (Professional)

If you are a psychologist or psychotherapist and would like to join our team on the basis of psychotherapy/psychological intervention, kindly contact us. 

Article Writing

Your role would entail suggesting and writing articles to be published on our website. These articles are generally posted both in English and in Maltese.

Marketing and Promotion Online (Volunteer)

Your role will be to promote the services online, mainly through social media. You would produce designs, post, compile social media statistics, create website content and support the writing of articles.

Marketing and Promotion Offline (Volunteer)

Your role will be to promote the offline services. You would assist in production and distribution of posters, leaflets, stickers, etc. Moreover, you would contact radio, television, magazines, schools, and other groups for possible introduction of the service.

Proof-reading and/or Translation

Your roles will be to proofread and/or translate articles written by (generally translation is needed from English into Maltese). This work can be done from home.

Come join us! You can get involved in our work – whether you are an individual, a group or an organisation.



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