Environment and I

The environment and I – by Neville aged 10

I have always loved anything to do with nature and the world outside.  Since I was a little boy I have been really interested in insects, animals and plants.  One of the things I love to do most is go for walks in the country side. When I am outdoors, somehow I feel happy bubbles in my tummy.

I have often been called a geek or a greenie just because I love to look after the environment.  I do not think that there is anything geeky about looking after the world we live in just as there is nothing geeky about looking after the house we live in.  Just as my house is my home so is the world my home, only on a much larger scale.  I really believe that it is my duty and the duty of every other kid and person in the world to look after the world we live in, this is so that it can remain a lovely place forever.

We have been studying environmental studies at school and I am really fascinated with the different ways that we as kids can look after the world.  We learn that we can look after the world by keeping the roads, the fields, the sea, the parks and everywhere else clean (e.g. by not throwing the wrappers of our sweets out).  If we do this we protect the environment because our rubbish causes pollution which in other words damages the world.  Pollution is when we throw substances or products into the environment that are harmful to it.

I make sure that when I am at home I switch off the lights before leaving a room.  I do this because electricity is created by burning fuel and this burning of fuel is harmful to the environment so if I use less electricity, less fuel is burnt.  My family also tries to use the car as little as possible.  For example, if my mum needs to go shopping for a few things, she walks to the shops instead of using the car.  This is also because the car uses fuel and again, the fumes of the burnt fuel damage the atmosphere.

We have also learnt how polluting the environment causes global warming which is higher temperatures around the world because of the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere caused by pollution.  Global warming is dangerous because it can cause extremes in weather conditions around the world.  This in fact has been happening recently.  This summer there was terrible flooding in Pakistan and China and many people died.  The temperatures in Russia were higher than they have ever been and because of the heat there were many forest fires and many people also died. We can see that looking after the world is important and there is nothing geeky about being somewhere who cares about the world.  Below I have added some information of how we kids can help and other useful to know stuff.  Hope you care about our environment and world too.

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