Giving space for Self-growth and personal empowerment

What is this self-growth that we hear about?

The first thing that may come to mind when we hear about self-growth is what we wish to achieve in life; basically our short term or long term goals mostly      related to our education, work and our social life. Many times, we forget that our self; our own personality, also needs its own strategy for it to grow and strive through, which is not usually calculated or transmitted through these goals. Rather, sometimes, we tend to let go of what we are ok with or what we wish for, just because we let ourselves grow along the requisites demanded by society.

Self-growth depends highly on our values, those with which we have been raised with and those that currently construct our daily life. Sometimes, these are not particularly the right set of personal standards which guide us how to live our life. Some values which we have been exposed to may be rigid, others are more of a standard, whereas other values might have been introjected without even our own awareness or acknowledgement, but because others impose them upon us!

The next step…

So, maybe, if you wish to work on yourself, you need to personally check into what you are looking for and how do you wish to achieve this. The thought of making a change is looked at as difficult or may come across as an unsure feeling because of unnecessary pressure that we might put on ourselves. Indeed, although ironical, this is the real sense of personal empowerment; it is the changing of the self into becoming a better one despite that it might be uncomfortable or difficult to push through the boundaries of your own comfort-zone.

In fact, even thoughts of allowing yourself to grow in the person you wish to become is courageous in itself, fuelling the energy to empower this move. This change, is of course risky and somewhat scary. Yet, this is purely righteous… being courageous through a period of risk taking indicates the individual willingness into allowing oneself to grow and become empowered accordingly.

This is never easy! People may fear this step because of getting in touch with oneself, including those personal aspects which we least like! But again this is the process of what helps us as individuals to grow and set the path forward. It comes from accepting the challenge with all its risks and enjoyments;

How can you do it?

Four factors are really important and essential to be able to support your own personal growth: self-knowledge, the necessary courage, the decision to do the leap, and after all the determination to wrap all this.

  • Self-Knowledge: This is the moment where you have to get in touch as to where you stand in your life, how
  • your emotions get across your life and becoming aware how you deal with your frustrations, happiness, anger, pride, satisfaction and so on. Basically, it’s the learning process about your own being!
  • Developing courage: After gaining knowledge about who you are and how you wish to empower yourself, being courageous and accepting that you wish to work on yourself is key. Courage is essential because the journey of self-growth is not necessarily always positive, but also experiencing pit falls in light of getting better… you know life is unexpected and you have to prepare yourself to battle all odds. Remember the quote above about vulnerability…  this comes into play here and making it your mantra is as important as breathing air.
  • The decision to do the leap: Reaching this stage, comes naturally after you commit to encourage yourself. Once you accepted to embark on this life journey into getting to know yourself better and potentially empower your own self-growth, there’s nothing better than finally taking the decision to work on yourself, as little as it may be. As long as you give this a try and set your mind and heart into it, go for it.
  • Determination: All three points above are sealed with the determination and motivation that it is ought for any particular situation. It is your own personal commitment into wanting to allow this growth to happen.

Does it really boil down to four steps?

Looking into personal growth through these four points mentioned here may sound unpretentious, easy or very manageable. But in truth, nothing in life comes in the simplest of forms! Your emotions, moods, situations as they happen, the surrounding environment all can have its effects on us. Yet looking at it from a perspective that anything present within our life is a chance for us to grow and equally empower yourself, nothing can stop you from becoming the person you wish for even if this idea of self, varies from one moment to another .

The process of self-growth is not time specific, but a continuous process, depending on how much you wish to reach.

Good luck with what path you choose and how you hop on your own life journey.

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